Founding Team

All great adventures demand great fellowships.

That’s the sentiment that brought Dipankar Ghosh - The Brand Wizard together with Ajay Kulkarni - The Marketing Mastermind who had worked together in the past creating millions of dollars in revenue for other companies with their efforts.

Ajay Kulkarni

From an early age, Ajay believed that it is easier to be a no-one, and it will take
great effort to be someone.
His passion for the digital media led him to pursue marketing where he left no
stone unturned to ensure success. In his last stint as a CMO of a Augment Reality gaming company, he  marketed a product to 12 countries which virally spread to 186 countries!
As the Head of Marketing for for a Rummy website he achieved 5X revenue growth in the first 2 years, making it India’s 3rd
Largest Rummy Gaming Portal.
He shared Dipankar’s disdain towards marketing and branding made
complicated by the agencies and partnered with him as the


Dipankar Ghosh

In his 15 years in branding, Dipankar Ghosh led revenue growth at regulated gaming company  by 20%, led another brand experience company to profitable revenue growth by creating and nurturing the
brand communications department from scratch, and was made the Youngest
Brand Champion at Deloitte where he started his career after getting recruited directly from college. 

After having worked with multiple Ad agencies, Dipankar was surprised how
complicated people make it seem. He always believed that branding is all
about grabbing the essence of an idea and making it big - making something
extraordinary from the simplest of things.
Disillusioned by the pointlessness of the existing brand exercises, he decided it
was time to bust the myth.
That’s when he established himself as the #ReBrandingExpert